Recently appointed associate professor of Ibsen Studies at the University of Oslo’s Centre for Ibsen Studies. My main research project at present is a book-in-progress on the “multimodal” Ibsen; this includes but isn’t limited to comics and comic books as a form of Ibsen reception, film and television adaptations of Ibsen’s works, and Ibsen’s own engagement with nineteenth-century visual culture and spectacle in his work. Additionally, I’m working on a number of analyses of fictionalizations and dramatizations of Ibsen himself, both by other literary authors, and by two of his biographers who also published (radio) dramas that stage Ibsen’s persona.

In my previous position as a postdoctoral research fellow in Nordic Literature in the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Oslo (2009-2012), my project was a diachronic study of how cabins and other types of secondary seasonal dwellings have functioned in national and personal identity construction in Norwegian literature ca 1814-2005. The resulting book manuscript is currently under review.

A second book manuscript entitled Ibsen’s Peer Gynt and the Production of Meaning, which I also completed during my fellowship (January 2011),  is currently under review. This project examines the myriad Norwegian parodies, adaptations, and appropriations of Ibsen’s famous closet drama, Peer Gynt (1867).

I have previously published two books: On the Margins: Nordic Women Modernists of the 1930s (Norvik Press, 2005) and Figurative Space in the Novels of Cora Sandel (Alvheim & Eide, 2010), as well as around thirty scholarly articles on various Nordic writers. In addition to my work on Nordic literature, I have written a fair amount about contemporary Norwegian cinema.


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