I’m Back!

I seem to have completely forgotten that I used to keep a research blog! My apologies for the radio silence. I’m not quite sure what happened, other than that November turned out to be a bust in terms of scholarly writing. I’m now deep into end-of-term grading, with no end in sight.

There has been a bit of progress though; I finished proofing the cabin book, so that’s out of my hands, and I expect to get the proofs for the Peer Gynt book sometime maybe next week. I also finally–after some detective work on my part and some heart-warming generosity on the part of a member of the general public–tracked down a high resolution digital copy of that wonderful photograph of the Peer Gynt mountain road. I’m so excited to be able to use that as the cover image.

Next term I have a much lighter teaching load, and I have a ton of research and writing to catch up on. I guess I should take a moment to line up the projects that need attention:

  • the article on the quirky feel-good movie genre (due in January)
  • revisions to the Frankenstein article (due by February)
  • submit abstracts to IASS and maybe one other conference (due in January)
  • work up 10-minute presentation for departmental seminar (9 January)
  • introduction to edition of Archer Ibsen translations (due in April)
  • SASS conference paper on Meyer’s The Summer in Gossensass (due in March)
  • NLU conference paper on Peer Gynt adaptations (due in March)
  • invited article on Ibsen and comic strips (due in June)
  • and of course most importantly work on the Ibsen på tvers av norskfaget book

Phew. That’s a lot!


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