12 November

Today was a teaching day, but I got quite a bit done on the seminar paper for tomorrow. Unfortunately, it still lacks a conclusion, but I have a little more than three hours tomorrow before the seminar starts to try to come up with something. I’d really like to bring the paper back around to the Dingstad book, since that is the point of departure for the seminar. I started reading his chapter on Holberg on the way home from work, and am hoping maybe I can find something there, since the last thing I discuss in Når vi døde vågner has been described (by Didrik Arup Seip) as “holbergsk.” We’ll see. The fantastic administrative leader of the center has read through my paper and promises corrections and suggestions for improving the wording tomorrow morning (it’s in Norwegian, so I can always use help there), so that’s a relief. I think I want to put my quotes on slides for the presentation, and I also want to add a couple more Nansen photographs (including one of his now infamous nude self portraits). I think the seminar is supposed to be a little light-hearted and less seriously academic than most, so I’m hoping I’ve interpreted it correctly and won’t be excoriated by my colleagues for a silly and superficial paper… Gulp!

The only other research related things that happened today was that I hit a dead end with the Peer Gynt-vegen photograph (the organization I contacted didn’t own a copy), but tried another lead, and I also got proofs on my Når nettene blir lange article for Journal of Scandinavian Cinema and an okay for my suggested timeline for revisions to my Frankenstein article for Reception. So there’s a lot percolating these days!

Words written: 695 on the Nansen paper


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