11 November

Much to my surprise (and delight) I got a ton of work done today. I stayed home for the first part of the day with my son, and was able both to have fun with him (Monopoly!) and make it through all the content edits on the book manuscript. That leaves me with a few small details to track down, and all the quotations and citations to double check and fill in, but I think I can get all that done if I get in a full day’s work on Thursday.

I got to my office at about 1:00 and left about 4:30 and during that time I worked on the Nansen paper for the seminar on Wednesday. I used the visual material to jump start the writing–I am going to refer to quite a few photographs of Nansen in my presentation of Ibsen’s Nansen-parody in Når vi døde vågner. Picking out the photos and getting them organized helped organize the structure of the paper too. I now have 1342 words on the page, with a bunch of stuff that needs filling in, so I should be okay in terms of length, assuming I actually have time to work on it between now and noon on Wednesday!

Oh, a Facebook friend posted the program for the seminar hosted by Landslaget for Norskundervisning that I’ll be presenting at in March. The theme is “Forestillinger om det norske.” Looks fun!

Words written: Nansen-paper = 804, Peer Gynt-book = ??


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