10 November

Tried to get up early again today and get going on the book manuscript read-through, but my son got up early too, which means I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked. So far I have finished chapter three, and am well underway in chapter four. I just took a little break to do a search for images for “Per Gynt-vegen” (the Per Gynt road) on a hunch that there might be something there I could use as a book cover image. I’ve been totally frustrated in my attempts to find something appropriate, and I’m starting to get really worried about it. Much to my utter delight, one of the very first things to come up was a really charming black & white photo from 1956 when the road was opened. It’s on the official website for the Per Gynt road, and I’ve already written an email to them asking whether it might be possible to use the image. The quality of the one on the website it terrible (you can barely see what it is), but if it’s possible to get a high-resolution digital copy and permission to use it, this is absolutely the best image I’ve found for communicating the contents of the book.


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