Chipping away

I should actually have posted both Monday and Tuesday of this week because I got some book revising done. But for some reason I’m just absolutely exhausted all the time now, and setting the clocks back on Sunday didn’t help.

My progress was minimal, but important. I gave a guest lecture on Peer Gynt‘s intertexts on Monday, and the prep for that including re-reading chapter two. The lecture was really useful to me in formulating a response to some of the issues raised by the peer reviewer. I didn’t get as much written as I would have liked because I had to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment, but at least some key ideas fell into place.

Yesterday I had a huge pile of administrative tasks to take care of (and I think I ended up talking with everyone in my program about some issue), but I managed to work out a draft of one important paragraph in the chapter; it concerns the question of parody versus satire. It’s still not totally done, but close. My goal is to finish chapter 2 revisions by the end of the day on Friday.

Today I have to spend the day prepping a lecture based on my Amtmandens Døttre article for tomorrow, when the university is inundated by teachers from around the region for the annual faglig-pedagogisk dag (a one-day event of what  I guess you call continuing education).  It also draws on some of the material in chapter two (the national dramas that I think Peer Gynt parodies) so it could be helpful…


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