Another teaching day (a guest lecture on Erlend Loe’s Doppler), and thus another day of minimal research. I did a little poking around on the Nansen stuff and read through the Ulfhejm sections of Når vi døde vågner looking for material. I wish I could get my hands on some images from early NVDV productions to see if any of them spoof or echo Nansen in any way.

Otherwise I started gathering material for a second guest lecture (on Peer Gynt’s intertexts on Monday), which is great since that will jumpstart the revisions for that chapter in the book manuscript.

Last night I went to a play. Or rather, I went to part of a play; it was Nationaltheatret’s production of Johan Harstad’s Osv.  I went with two other people, one of whom had been working pretty intensely with Harstad’s books for quite a while. Seldom have I been more frustrated and irritated at a theater production. Basically everything possible was wrong with it in my view. It was so maddening that I ended up leaving during the first break, and my friend told me the rest didn’t get any better (though she was still glad to have seen the whole thing). I think I was just in a bad mood to start out, but even allowing for that it was an abysmal performance.


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