Carving out

I’ve been feeling desperate about never getting time to research any more, so today I just pushed all the teaching and administrative stuff aside and took an hour to dive in to a small project I’m supposed to present at an in-house seminar in a couple of weeks–it’s on the Nansen parody in Når vi døde vågner. It felt great to be doing what I love and do best, even if it was only for an hour. After that, it was a full day of all the stuff that I’m less good at.

I’ve been trying to at least be thinking about revisions to the Peer Gynt book, even though I haven’t been able to sit down and do them. One really obvious thing brought up by the peer reviewer is the fact that I don’t situate the book in relation to reception studies. When I wrote the manuscript back in 2010, I didn’t actually even know what I was doing was “reception studies”; it was first when I took an English course on reception studies a year or so later that I learned that what I do is called that. I don’t think it’s going to be that hard to add a section to the introduction to contextualize. The peer reviewer had said I needed to position my work in relation to new reception studies and that gave me a bit of a panic–was there a whole bunch of stuff I don’t know about?–but when I wrote the editor to get more specific feedback, the response I got consisted of material I’m already very familiar with. So that’s obviously the first thing I’ll need to work on.

I’m also scheduled to give a guest lecture on Peer Gynt on Monday on Ibsen’s national romantic intertexts, so revisiting that material will also be helpful. Otherwise, I have eight pages of reviewer comments to work my way through by 4 November. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


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