More fragments

Today was another fragmented day. I seem to be going in all directions at once. I made a small change to chapter 3 in the cabin book and sent that off (the editor okayed the change), sent off my abstract for the SASS conference in March, and started a draft of an abstract for an article that I want to submit to a collection of essays later this month. I also had a meeting to plan a seminar (and had to look into mundane things like university catering), and went to a really inspiring talk on group advising at the MA level. It was held in my department by a woman named Liv Finstad who recently won an award at the University of Oslo for this program. If I have understood the model correctly, it might actually be really great for our MA program in Ibsen Studies. It’s at least worth looking into a little more closely.

I also found out that our annual Centre for Ibsen Studies staff retreat is going to be two days in London in late November, which is great. I’m going to try to tack on a day at the British Library to look up all the Meyer references I can (mostly reviews of the performances of his plays). That’s especially helpful since the paper I’m proposing for SASS is on Meyer’s The Summer at Gossensass. It means I’ll have to switch around my teaching schedule a bit, but that should all work out.

Tomorrow I need to meet with students and give a presentation in my department about the study trip to Berkeley last week. I also need to do some brainstorming with a couple of colleagues. Things just don’t seem to be settling down!


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