After taking two days to recover from the study trip to Berkeley, I finally snapped into writing mode again today. My day was filled with meetings with students (papers are due next week…) but in between I got quite a bit of small work done. Maybe talking about the process of writing and formulating projects helped jumpstart me too? I came up with a good title for a future conference paper and an okay title for a lecture I’m scheduled to give; I printed out the full Peer Gynt-book manuscript and sent off a query to the acquisitions editor; I got an email invitation to present at an in-house seminar next week and almost immediately came up with a relevant and fun topic that comes out of the cabin book manuscript. The latter got me so revved up that I banged out 430 words of introduction. I love it when that happens. Other than that, I worked on the proofs for the Fruen fra havet article that is coming out in the next issue of Ibsen Studies. I couldn’t finish it because I have to compare the changes they’ve made to my original manuscript, which, as fate would have it, was on my laptop at home. I really need to get better about this whole cloud thing…

It was a relief to prove to myself that I can still get this kind of research-related stuff done, after languishing in the editorial dungeon all summer and early fall.

Bonehead move of the day: in reading about Fridtjof Nansen for something else, I had the sudden realization that he in all likelihood is one of the “Men of 1905” that Stein Riverton references in Jernvognen. Derp. I totally should have known that, and totally should have pointed it out in chapter three of the cabin book. I just sent a desperate email to the editor asking if I can insert a tiny point at this late stage. Hope she says yes!


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