Ready, set, go!

Yay for actually getting going on  research again today, albeit on a very small scale. With today’s class I finished off an intensive period of teaching, and have a small window of time (until 15 October) to work on my own stuff. I finally landed on picking up the “quirky feelgood” film article for the book on Scandinavian film genres. It occurred to me that I hadn’t really gone very deeply into the term “feelgood” last fall when I banged out the first draft of the analysis sections. So, I went looking for discussions of the term, and to be honest I didn’t find much. But I have some more leads to follow, and may be able to track a few down at the library tomorrow. I’d like to have a bunch of material to bring with me for the San Francisco trip so that I can work on the article during the down time there.

Okay. So this means I’m setting a goal of having the article finished by 15 October.  Ready, set, go!


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