Flailing, again

You would think I had completely forgotten that I have a research blog! I haven’t forgotten, but I just literally haven’t had time to do anything research-related this past week, because my time was divided between attending the Skien International Ibsen Conference and evaluating a stack of Ph.D. applications (and meeting twice to discuss them in a committee).

I’m really enjoying the administrative and teaching work that I’ve been doing, but it’s amazing how quickly and completely the research mentality just evaporates away. I can hardly even remember what it was I wanted to work on.

It’s looking like I may have a couple of days with long-ish blocks of free time during my trip to San Francisco (the “delegation”); I may try to treat those as a writing retreat, and at least finish up the section on Meyer’s The Summer at Gossensass (and maybe draft what will be my paper for the SASS conference in March). I’m a little unmotivated to work on Meyer until I’ve figured out whether I’ll be able to access documentation from his collected papers at the British Library in the near future or not. It seems counterproductive to delve into an analysis now if I have the potential to access a whole bunch of relevant information in, say, January or February. But if it’s going to be years before I can get my hands on the material, then I guess it would be worth finishing off an article draft.

The other thing I could work on is the “quirky feel good” article that I’m supposed to submit to a book project in January. It would actually be kind of nice to get this out of my hair. I just checked and I have roughly eleven pages written, which is certainly a decent start. Hmm. Maybe I can spent my free evenings in San Francisco catching up on quirky Nordic comedies on Netflix?


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