At last!

Yikes. Things got a little hairy toward the end (and I wasted soooooo much paper, which is sad), but I safely submitted my promotion application and my book manuscript revisions. Along the way, I also got confirmation from a publisher that the Peer Gynt  book really has been accepted for publication officially, which is spectacular news. I should be getting reviewer comments in a few weeks, and it will be really fun to revisit the manuscript, which I haven’t looked like in ages. I hope it still holds up.

I won’t be able to do much research or writing in the next few weeks–realistically probably not until after I get back from the Berkeley trip. I have a bunch of advising and a two-day field trip with my students, reading and commenting on a set of 5-page papers, plus over 60 Ph.D. applications to start reviewing, and a bunch of other smaller tasks. The only thing of my own work that I really need to do right away is to come up with a specific topic for an invited seminar talk in March. They want an abstract by the first week of October.

So phew. All I have to do this weekend is attend the second day of the seminar on the Modern Breakthrough that has been going on at the Centre for Ibsen Studies, and then catch up on the home front. Phew.


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