I’m getting really close to finalizing both the cabin book and the promotion application. Today I finally finished off the edits to chapter 5, which means all the quotations are now as they should be. I cleared up a little detail on the “fjellprest” (mountain pastor) phenomenon as well—in Norway it is increasingly common to hold religious services in the mountains, especially at Easter when it is traditional to spend the week skiing. I make very brief reference to this in chapter five, but didn’t really have a good source for it. I sent off an email to the state church, and got an amazingly detailed response that included a link to a very helpful newspaper article that gives an overview of the phenomenon. I love it when I’m able to fill in a piece of the puzzle like that, even though in this case it’s just a passing reference.

So, other than teaching a class, meeting with one of my co-teachers to discuss the second class of the semester, and the book edits, I spent my day fiddling with one document for the promotion application—the complete list of publications that in Norway is separate from the CV (in the US at least we typically have the publication list as part of the CV). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed the formatting, trying to make it as clear as possible. Yesterday a colleague lent me a copy of her application from five years ago, and it was super helpful, and I ended up modifying her formatting just a bit. I don’t really know why I started obsessing over this document; I suppose it’s one of those cases where, when you don’t have any real control over a situation, you start to obsess over whatever it is that you can influence. In this case, I guess all I can influence is formatting!

I’m really looking forward after Friday; after these two things are submitted I don’t have any onerous deadlines looming and can get back into the rhythm of generating new material.  There will still be a lot to do:

  • finish the Meyer/Ferguson article and send to Edda?
  • write an abstract for the LNU conference that I’ve been invited to in March
  • finish the “quirky feelgood” article for that book on Nordic film genres, which is one of the last non-Ibsen projects I’m committed to following through on
  • pick up the Ibsen book project that has been languishing all summer—there’s a lot to do on this project
  • think about an adaptation study that would work for the Mosaic call for papers, and write an abstract—I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to come up with an appropriate topic (hey, what about that vague idea I have about Rosmersholm and L’Année dernière á Marienbad? You saw it here first, folks…)
  • write the Helga Flatland paper—the second of my non-Ibsen projects that I’m committed to finishing up
  • send the paper abstract that I’ve written up for the SASS conference in 2014 (it’s good enough, so why wait for a better idea?)

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