Excuses, excuses

One of the biggest differences between the new job and my old postdoc position has to be the amount of social interaction. I am discovering that in a small Centre where everyone is along one corridor, there is just a lot more chatting than when I was just  a postdoctoral fellow squirreled away in one corner on a corridor with people from a bunch of different programs. It’s great, but I need to work on adjusting my schedule and expectations so that I’m available for important conversations, but also able to get my solitary work done.

All this is just to say that I only finished half the edits to chapter five today. I think it will be a huge help when I’m done with the edits and am back to producing new material (and smaller projects). I can do more of that type of work from home, and now that my spouse is at work and my son at school I’ll be able to get in many solid hours of writing on weekdays.


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