Ruined or Shattered?

Okay, I fully admit that life as a scholar was a little boring today. I spent most of my time cutting and pasting quotations for chapter four (yay! it’s done! just one more chapter to go!), and the rest of my time looking at student bibliography assignments and working on the project proposal for a collaboration with the University of Hyderabad in India.

The only really fun problem that arose was the question of how to translate the title of one of Johan Borgen’s short stories, “Elsk meg bort fra min bristende barndom.” If you go by the dictionary, you end up with something like “Love Me Away from My Faulty Childhood” which makes about zero sense. After scratching my head over it for a while I sent out an email to my group of colleagues in Nordic Literature asking for help. The conversation resulted in two options that I’m mulling over now: A) “Rescue Me from My Ruined Childhood” or B) “Save Me from My Shattered Childhood.”

There was also one small bit of good news in that I learned that a photograph of Nansen’s cabin on Franz Josef Land is in the public domain. It’s not a very clear image, but I think it will do okay for the book:

Vinterhytten fotografert i måneskinn nyttårskvelden. Frederick Jacksons Øy, Frans Josef Land, Russland, 31. desember 1895

Photographer: Fridtjof Nansen / Owner: Nasjonalbiblioteket, bldsa_3c091


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