Crossing my fingers

Today was kind of all over the place. On the ferry in to work I sketched out some ideas for the Meyer article, and did a microscopic amount of work on that when I to the office (mostly just adding subheadings and moving or deleting things). I did some calling around and emailing to try to track down more of the photos for the cabin book (SO difficult), and am proud to say that I got all the quotations in chapter three moved. My goal was to be finished with chapter four by today, but the work is so painfully tedious that I need lots of breaks from it. Chapter four is now printed out and on my desk, ready for a skim through with a highlighter (it’s much easier to do the cutting and pasting if I have a highlighted hard copy to work from–it’s amazing how quickly I forget which endnote I’m looking for, or what paragraph it’s from…like in the amount of time it takes to scroll to the end of the document where the notes are. Hey! I could convert all the endnotes to footnotes while doing the cutting and pasting, then convert them back to endnotes when I’m done! Brilliant!).

I live in fear that the editor will get the manuscript and then tell me to convert it all back to endnotes or something. I’ve made a whole bunch of very small corrections as I’ve been working through the quotations, so it’s not like I could just ask them to go back to the manuscript as originally submitted. I’m crossing my fingers that this round really will be the last!

Did I mention already that I had to drop out of the adaptation conference I had planned to go to in late September? This week I got invited to be a part of a university delegation to the University of California-Berkeley and Stanford University that will overlap with the adaptation conference. I’m excited about the being a part of a delegation, which sounds so official!


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