This was a topsy-turvy week; I stayed home with my son Monday and Tuesday, and then attended the “Changing Functions of Criticism” conference Wednesday through Friday.

On Monday morning I got a call from NRK radio inviting me to do a short interview about my cabin research on the entertainment program “Norgesglasset.” My son and I were headed into town anyway to do some back-to-school shopping, so we made a detour up to the NRK campus and did the interview, which was fun if a little nerve-racking. I’m not sure how long the program will be available online (or whether it is accessible outside of Norway), but here’s a link.

The conference was interesting, and I met some people I had hoped to get into contact with, but I was a little distracted by two other things: 1) classes start next week (and I’m totally not ready yet) and 2) I got an email from the publisher of the cabin book outlining some final manuscript changes.

This last round of changes allowed me to raise the question of the title of the book again, and after a very productive exchange of emails (and some super useful feedback from an online discussion forum I participate in) I think I have finally after all these months come up with a title I’m really happy with:

Cabins in Modern Norwegian Literature: Negotiating Place and Identity

The editor wants the key words before the colon for indexing purposes (which I totally get now, but wasn’t aware of before). “Cabins in Modern Norwegian Literature” is just a little too plain, and the words “place” and “identity” are extremely important concepts for the project. And I like “negotiating” because there really is a lot of negotiating (of class identity, gender identity, modernity versus atavism, etc.) going on in the texts that I analyze.



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