I got about as far as I could with the Hegdal text today, and spent a little bit of time with the Runde/Moen books as well, but wasn’t very inspired. Only one of the Kverneland Amputerte klassikere volumes has arrived at the university library, so I decided to swing by the public library on the way home to pick them up instead. The main  branch is in a pocket of central Oslo I almost never visit, right next to the government buildings that were bombed on 22 July 2011. Rather unexpectedly, I found it really disturbing to be there. There were so many signs of the destruction.

At any rate, I got the remaining three volumes without problem, and skimmed them on the ferry ride home. I was kind of shocked to see how little Kverneland actually engages with Ibsen, and I’m now kind of wishing that the premise of my paper allowed for other authors because Kverneland does some really interesting stuff in these books.

Words written: somewhere between 5-600, but some of that was bibliography entries…


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