No rest for the wicked

Finishing up the book manuscript really wiped me out, so I took it really easy over the weekend. Monday my son was sick (and I was still tired), so I stayed home and just did some cursory and preliminary work on the conference paper I’m supposed to deliver next week on the comic book as literary criticism.

Today I spent the day roughing out a first draft. It looked kind of hopeless this morning, but things were starting to come together by the end of the day. I have three pages and a pretty clear idea of how and where I want to expand.

The focus is on Ibsen (natch) and the texts I’m analyzing are:

  • Steffen Kverneland’s Amputerte klassikere I-IV
  • Ola A. Hegdal’s Ibsens ripsbusker og andre litterariteter
  • Øystein Runde and Geir Moen’s De fire store (volumes I and II)

It turns out to be pretty interesting material, and there will be a lot to say about it. I just need to be careful about not being too descriptive; the point is really to launch the idea that comic books can–among other things–be viewed as a form of criticism.

ETA: separated at birth?

scrooge forside


Sources: Ola A. Hegdal’s website and a completely uncredited Disney image off the net.

Words written: 1020


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