Chicago style

I have to confess that I just couldn’t take going in to work yesterday. My brain was fried by all the construction noise in my building, and I felt totally burned out on the book revisions. So I stayed home and had a really low-energy day, which helped a ton. Today I was able to face the actual formatting of the endnotes, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was making it out to be in my head. There are still an irritatingly large number of gray areas, but I am just highlighting those as I go along and will spend time on the tricky bits once I have everything else in place.

It seemed like a good idea to read through the relevant sections in the Chicago Manual of Style first, rather than frantically flipping back and forth like I usually do. After doing that, and then applying what I had read, it feels like I’m starting to internalize it a bit, and it’s starting to make a bit more sense. I finished the endnotes for chapter one today, and my plan is to get at least one more chapter done over the weekend (two would be better). I want to have lots of time for read-throughs and dealing with the tricky bits next week.

ETA: nice piece from the online forum Gaysir on a colleague of mine from the US and his perceptions of political differences between the US and Norway, particularly concerning gay rights. Nice to see Scandinavian Studies outreach in other public forums.


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