Back at it

As expected it took a while to get going this morning after a week off. I did some busywork for a while, but eventually dove back into the cabin book. I got the section on the cabin in Amtmandens Døttre in chapter two framed, and then spent most of the day on chapter five. I expanded the Solstad section, then printed out the whole thing and gave it a read through and edit. Right at the end of the day I decided to pick up Loe’s Doppler and skim it (or rather just skim my notes in it) and to my delight I found some really useful material, including a reference to Uncle Tom’s Cabin that I was able to get some leverage at it. And right at the very end of the day, just as I was getting ready to go home, I had what I think may be a flash of insight. I managed to rough out a couple of sentences before I absolutely had to leave for home, and I’ll pick it up again tomorrow. I’m feeling much better about chapter five, and now it’s only chapter four that I don’t feel very enthusiastic about. Everything else is coming together really well.

On the way home I had a bunch of small ideas for details that need fixing; I scribbled them all down and will take care of them tomorrow too.


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