Vacation mode

Just back from a week’s vacation at a cabin. While I was there I got a call from a journalist asking for an interview about my cabin project, which is exciting. She had seen the short piece that recently went up on the university’s website. Fun!

I did a few fun and relaxing, but vaguely work-related things:

  • tracked down Knut Hamsun’s estate between Grimstad and Lillesand. It’s not open to the public and not really marked on the map, but it was pretty easy to find (pictures coming…)
  • toured the Grimstad Ibsen Museum (one of three in Norway)
  • read four articles on Solstad’s Armand V
  • read Merethe Lindstrøm’s Dager i stillhetens historie, which I really liked. I was pleased to see that it relates thematically to Steinsamlere, which I write about in the cabin book.
  • read Johan Borgen’s Blåtind, which related thematically to Dager i stillhetens historie, but does not relate to the cabin project (someone had suggested it to me, but it takes place at a hotel, not a cabin. Phew!)

It’s good to be home!


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