New words!

I’m feeling practically triumphant right now, after having had a really productive day. My new iMac was set up late in the day yesterday (after sitting in a box in my office for over two weeks…) and it was amazing how much easier it was to do the tedious cut and paste work with fancy new equipment and just a few tweaks to customize my toolbar in MS Word.

So I finished my read-throughs of chapters 3 and 4, did all the cut and pasting for chapter 5 and got a good start on drafting the new sections on Solstad’s Armand V and Loe’s Doppler.

This means I can leave for vacation tomorrow with a clear conscience. I’m bringing along a couple of books and articles to read, but not my computer. I think it will be really healthy to take a break from the revisions and just let things percolate for a week. That will allow me to look at the remaining work to be done with fresh eyes. When I get back from vacation, what remains is:

  • small fix to Collett section in chapter 2 to reflect addition of a new Collett section in chapter 1
  • complete new sections on Solstad and Loe for chapter 5
  • figure out what to do about Borgen and (perhaps) Rud for chapter 4
  • format all the endnotes properly
  • finalize bibliography, including inserting missing entries and correcting formatting
  • continue to pursue permission rights for illustrations and use of previously published material

So, still a lot to do, but not impossible to get through by August 1st.

Words written: 1608!


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