Things kind of fell apart today. I learned that I should be doing Chicago Style endnotes rather than author-date parenthetical references, and the difference is huge in terms of how time consuming the conversion from MLA is. Sigh. The result is that I wasn’t able to finish chapter 2 like I had planned–it’s a long one anyway.

On the brighter side of things, I had another meeting with my contact at the University of Hyderabad to plan for future collaboration between the Centre for Ibsen Studies and that university. Stay tuned, exciting things are definitely afoot there!

ETA: I couldn’t stand not making it through the chapter, so I bit the bullet and worked at home this evening in the chaos of legos and family life. I decided if I could just get all the rough cutting and pasting done for the rest of the chapter, then I could read through and edit the remaining chapter sections on the commute to work in the morning and then start in on chapter 3 when I get to campus. I am just going to do the same for all the chapters, and then when I get back from vacation I’ll go through the end notes for all of them and format them properly. I’m not sure how realistic this is (there are lots of quotes and chapters 3 and 4 are long). Plus I still have the introduction and conclusion to do (far fewer quotes, thankfully), and I have to re-do chapter 1. Plus I still need to draft that new section of chapter 5. Feeling overwhelmed!


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