Monday = chapter one

Today I went through the first chapter (the one on shielings) more carefully, and ended up making quite a few changes. I also worked out how I’m supposed to do citations, and start implementing that, cross-referencing every citation with my bibliography. It’s starting to come together now.

On the way home I picked up a copy of Solstad‘s (one of the only living Norwegian authors I’ve actually met and had a conversation with) Armand Vand started re-reading it. Fun book!

ETA: I made it through to the first reference to cabins in the novel–it’s a relatively long passage about Armand’s friend Paul Buer and the weekends he spent at the OSI student cabin in the woods outside of Oslo, looking for love along with other students in the 1960s. There’s a lot of material to work with there.

Also, there was a reference to L’Année dernière á Marienbad in the novel, and to the fact that the film features a reference to a play called Rosmer, which Armand insists is significantly NOT Ibsen’s Rosmersholm. Obviously that got me curious. I checked out the first few minutes on YouTube, and indeed there it was.  Someone named T. Jefferson Kline has written about it in Screening the Text: Intertextuality in New Wave French Film (1992), apparently. Something to pursue?


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