Book report

This was a low keyed weekend. The only thing remotely work related I did was to finish reading Nils Johan Rud‘s novel, Jakten og kvinnen (1939). Rud is not an author I know very much about–he sort of fell through the literary historical cracks apparently. This is what Store norske leksikon has to say about the novel:

I romanen Jakten og kvinnen, som av mange er regnet som hans betydeligste, tok Rud opp temaer som skulle gå igjen i hele forfatterskapet: mennesker i konflikt, forholdet mellom kvinne og mann, og deres møte med naturen og erotikken. Han skildrer alltid kvinnen som den varme, sanselige, i motsetning til den selvsentrerte, reserverte mannen.

Self-centered and reserved? You can say that again. I couldn’t stand the male protagonist.

The book would really be perfect for the cabin project, but at this late stage I don’t think it’s possible to integrate it as any more than a footnote. I’m glad I read it, even though I didn’t particularly enjoy it. It’s freaking hilarious, however, that the final scene consists of the hunter dude (Harald Jønn) watching two moose have sex.

Elg i solnedgang

Elg i solnedgang

The plan for this week is to finalize the revisions for chapters 1-4 and start re-reading Armand V in preparation for revising chapter 5.


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