After a couple of days off last week to take care of family matters, I was back at work again yesterday. It seemed like a day full of meetings, though technically it was only two. I was interviewed about the cabin project by a journalist for the university’s website, and then photographed by a really cool photographer who works on commission for the university in addition to doing some very hip and edgy work of his own. He spent a long time with me (I am notoriously nervous in front of a camera and invariably end up looking like a dork) and you can see the result on my contact page at the university. I guess there will be a short article on my cabin work appearing on the Humanities Faculty’s website over the summer, which is kind of neat.

Other than that, I met briefly with my contact at a Norwegian publisher about the Multimodal Ibsen project, which was productive and encouraging, had a brief discussion about an article under review at Ibsen Studies with the main editor, and otherwise worked on the Fruen fra haverevisions. The good news on the Multimodal Ibsen project is that I have a little bit of a reprieve and don’t really have to do anything with it until August, which leaves all of July open for completing the cabin book revisions.

I made some substantial progress on the article revisions based on my WIP-exchange partner’s comments from last week, but then I discovered an article that I should have known about ages ago. I had no idea that Rolf Fjelde (mostly known as Ibsen’s most prolific translator into English) had published an article entitled “The Lady from the Sea: Ibsen’s Positive World-View in a Topographic Figure” in 1978. I almost missed it too, as the book I found the reference in had misspelled “Topographic” as “Typographic.” Slight difference there, folks!

Of course the article is old enough that it wasn’t in the open stacks, so I had to request it from storage at the library. I’m hoping it arrives today. Based on what I can tell, I don’t think it’s really going to change anything about my argument, but  I certainly need to have read it, and with luck it will be useful and relevant.

I have to stay home again today for more family business, but hope to finish off the article revision entirely by the end of the day on Wednesday. That means that as of Thursday my slate is totally clean except for the cabin book revisions. Getting interviewed yesterday actually made me feel eager to get back to it, since it’s such a fun and complex project. There’s going to be a ton of work to do to get it into shape…


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