(Melo)dramatic progress

Phew. I spent a huge chunk of time procrastinating over the Fruen fra havet article. In fact, I basically worked my way through nearly all the administrative tasks I’ve had hanging over me for the past few weeks. There’s nothing like the threat of article revisions to get me to clear the decks. Finally, at about one o’clock there just weren’t any more bibliographic corrections to make or travel reports to file and I had to get down to it.

The process went pretty well. As is so often the case, once I actually got going on it things started to fall into place, and what needed to be done became obvious. I only had two hours because there was a department meeting to attend, but I made it through everything but the conclusion, which I just had to totally delete.

On the way home I read through a printout of what I had. I found tons of small changes to make, and the process of reading helped give me an idea of what to do in the conclusion. After dinner I made the changes and banged out a rough conclusion draft. I’ve now e-mailed it to my trusty WIP-partner, in the hope that she’ll be about to read and comment before taking off for vacation. The halls of my building are going to be totally empty starting next week, so it will be pretty lonely there for a while!

ETA: I should really give a shout out to the greater Oslo area office of The Norwegian Tourist Association: I simply couldn’t track down a copy of their 1956 yearbook at any library, despite having made a photocopy from somewhere, so the reference librarian suggested I contact them directly. I did, and the manager was extremely helpful and even got me the information I needed on the spot. I had been prepared to go down to their office to look it up myself.


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