Yet another day where I seemed to be just barely functioning. I had a meeting about a project, picked up a copy of Peter Brooks’s The Melodramatic Imagination and read the two prefaces, and did corrections on two book reviews and an article, which are all due out soon. I didn’t actually finish the article corrections because I have to go back to the library and double check some sources.

I also had a sneaking suspicion that my translation of a passage from Vinje’s Ferdaminne wasn’t quite right, so I emailed a colleague who is a very accomplished nynorsk writer (and speaker, really) for some help. She responded right away with some good suggestions. I wasn’t that far off, but there was definitely room for improvement, so I’m glad I contacted her. This is for the Amtmandens Døttre article, and since my argument is (apparently) kind of controversial I want to reduce the number of details that people can criticize my work for to an absolute minimum (obviously the change in the translation doesn’t alter my argument at all, or I’d be much more angst-y right now!).


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