Whoa, things sort of veered out of control last week, and I couldn’t seem to make time to blog. Time to reconstruct. My time was constrained because of the trial lecture, defense, and celebratory dinner of one of the Ibsen Centre’s Ph.D. students. It was great to be a part of the entire process, but it stole a lot of time away from other work. In addition to still straggling on my course preps for the fall, two article revisions came in with short turnaround times, and I was overdue with a book review for Edda. I managed to get the revisions for one of the two articles done, and I sent off the book review on Friday, only to get an email yesterday asking me to expand some of the points. Both that and the other article revisions are due this Friday.

I still haven’t had a chance to touch my Fruen fra havet article revisions (which will be much more major) or the multimodal book project. But all that sort of fell to the wayside when I got an email from Fairleigh Dickinson University Press expressing interest in publishing my cabin book! I am so excited, and so impressed with their professionalism so far.

Stuff on the home front is also keeping me from posting; my mother will be moving in with us in eleven days, so we’ve got tons of work to do to get her apartment ready for her. I’m covered in bruises from head to toe from moving stuff like stoves and book cases. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks!


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