Ivar who?

So far the first day of the seminar on Literature and History has been great. The papers are interesting and the participants have stimulating comments and good questions. It doesn’t hurt either that we have fantastic weather right now. The flight across the mountains and fjords from Oslo was spectacular last night:


After today’s session a bunch of us made a little pilgrimage to Volda’s sole antique book shop, Bokmannen. It’s a really neat place, and it has developed such a reputation that the owner has been profiled in Morgenbladet (the artsy-fartsy intellectual weekly newspaper in Norway).

Tonight we’re off to the Ivar Aasen Centre in Ørsta for a tour and to have dinner. We’re actually staying in Ørsta at the Hotell Ivar Aasen, no less:


And as if Aasen’s stern visage on the side of the hotel isn’t enough, there’s also a statue of him just across the street:


Wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the fact that this is Aasen’s birthplace, now would we? As someone interested in the intersections between literature and tourism, this is all right up my alley!


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