Most of today was devoted to getting back into the Meyer project. I had planned to spend the day on campus finalizing my syllabi, compendia and book orders, but my son was ill last night so I stayed home with him. We had a really nice, mellow day, and I was able to get some fairly substantial edits and add some important new material to the seminar paper I’m scheduled to deliver on Friday (eep). There were no reoccurring problems for my son, so with luck I’ll be able to get all the stuff for the class cleared away tomorrow, leaving me Wednesday to get a full draft rounded off before leaving later that evening. I have to take a book along with me for the seminar trip (Wednesday-Saturday in Volda, the place you’ll never forget) and try to get a review drafted by early next week.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff swirling around in the background right now–all of it is positive, but none of it has materialized enough to be able to write about it here. One thing that did materialize over the weekend, however, was my contract! I was very happy to get it, and very happy to find myself at the top of the pay grade for an associate professor position too. My official start date is 15 June, assuming I remember to hand in the signed contract, of course!


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