I’m finding it surprisingly hard to blog about research and writing these days, partly because there’s a lot in flux as I ramp up for the new job, and partly because I have a bunch of non-research (but nonetheless necessary) tasks to work through.

As I mentioned in my last post, I found out last Thursday afternoon, right before a four-day weekend, which courses I’ll be teaching in the fall, and along with that got a deadline of this Thursday to submit my reading lists, syllabi and revisions to the course webpages. At the same time, I had also pretty much reached the deadline for submitting my peer review of a book manuscript that has been languishing since the end of April. I squeezed in as much reading as I could over the holiday weekend (not as much as I would have liked), read all day Tuesday, and banged out my reader’s report during the first couple of hours of today.

I had gathered some information on the courses I’ll be teaching (IBS4101 and IBS4102 for the curious) and toyed around a little bit with reading lists over the weekend, but when I turned my full attention to it after submitting the reader’s report, I admit to panicking a little bit. Thankfully, the librarian was around, and she kindly talked me down, and now I feel like I’m closing in on workable syllabi for the two courses. Shooting off some emails to key people helped (or rather their responses did!), and now I’m actually getting excited about both of the courses (not just the one that’s closer to my research interests), which is promising.

I also had a chat with the department’s administrative head and found out that my start date will be 17 June, though I still have no contract, and don’t know what they’ll be offering me in terms of salary and other support. Oh well.

Finally, I have a little confession to make. I wrote what I think is a really good paper on 1970s feminist literary criticism and Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein as reception of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein more than a year ago, and today I decided to try to submit it to a journal. I think I found a promising venue, Reception, which asks for an abstract first (not the whole article manuscript), so I fired one off. I think it would be a totally cool addition to my research profile, so I hope they don’t blow it off completely.

So now, as of tomorrow when I submit my materials for fall semester, the decks will be much clearer, with only two really pressing things, one approaching deadline, and one huge project lurking in the background:

  • seminar paper on Meyer for next week
  • book review for Edda by the end of next week (eep! this is the thing that’s worrying me)
  • revision of The Lady from the Sea article due sometime in June
  • major writing on the Multimodal book project; I’m looking to get an entire first draft of the manuscript by December

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