Taking off

I spent the day at home today getting everything squared away for my trip to the US. My conference paper is now totally presentable (though I’ll probably still tweak it a bit), I’m close to packed, and I have all the needed documents printed out.

I also spent some time reading a couple of chapters in my colleague Per Thomas Andersen’s new book, “Hvor burde jeg da være?”: Kosmopolitisme og postnasjonalisme i nyere litterature, which was quite interesting. I read a very negative review of it on NRK’s website, but having read the way the project is framed in the opening chapters, I think the review is pretty off base. One of the things I particularly like about the book is that he gives a very clear “methodological cosmopolitism” (why not “cosmopolitan methodology,” I wonder? I’ll have to ask him…); it’s more or less a road map for how to carry out a close textual reading from the perspective of theories of cosmopolitism and post nationalism, focusing on aesthetic and thematic concerns. That’s a nice pedagogical touch that will make the book really useful for students, I think.

I leave at 6:45 tomorrow morning for a quick visit to my Mom before heading to San Francisco for the SASS conference. Not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next ten days, so I’ll leave you with this:

I try to keep things work related here, but I can’t resist posting this link to a song played at the exercise class I went to last night–it’s the zumba remake of Norway’s only international hit from the 80s, a-ha’s “Take on Me.” It had me laughing out loud in my class full of middle aged Norwegian ladies, dancing their butts off to this blast from our collective past!


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