Well, my “resurfacing” appears to have been short lived. My son came down with a lingering head cold and cough, so I haven’t been able to get much work done at all the past few days. I was able to carve out about three hours today, during which I finalized the slides for my conference presentation, did a bunch of small revisions to the paper I’ll be presenting, and read Astrid Sæther’s 2010 article, “Fire biografers blikk på Ibsens fire prinsesser.” What a revelation that was, not so much for the conference paper (I just needed a quick reference to confirm something I posit), but for a paper I’m supposed to be presenting at a small seminar at the end of May. Sæther describes how Ibsen’s biographers consistently (and misleadingly!) use literary rhetorical devices in their depiction of Ibsen’s relationships with various women. That point has some major consequences for the text I’m thinking about for the upcoming seminar. It’s all too fuzzy to explain now, but the wheels are at least turning.

Yesterday, on the other hand, I was thinking more about the secret project I mentioned in my last post. The topic itself isn’t so secret; in fact, I’ve mentioned it before on this blog–Helga Flatland’s Bli hvis du kan, reis hvis du må and Doreen Massey’s “A Global Sense of Place.” No writing (other than entering relevant quotes into a document) yet, but I’ve been re-reading the novel to see if there’s really enough material for an analysis there. It’s looking promising.

So I leave for the US on Friday. Tomorrow I’ll be finalizing everything for the conference and taking care of tasks here at home so that I can leave with a clear conscience. Really looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new people at the conference, and especially to spending some time in balmy San Francisco!


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