Yikes! I had no idea it has been so long since I posted here. I got a little lost last week, with no major progress to speak of. To be honest, the tension of not knowing the result of the job search kind of got to me. The interviewing committee has forwarded its report to the department advisory committee, which voted on it today, and presumably the case will now be forwarded to the university level hiring committee, which meets at the end of May. It’s really unnerving not to known the result of the interview process at this point; in the US, I think the search committee has far more autonomy to make offers, and candidates usually know within only a few weeks of the interview. That’s partly because deans are often in on the interview process, I suppose.

So, since I’m so antsy there’s not much research going on. I managed to do minor revisions to the Gatas Gynt article, took care of some administrative stuff, and have been reading sporadically on the tableau vivant. I also have a new top-secret project that I’m participating in as a co-editor and contributor, which is fun. And of course I continue to tinker with the paper I’ll be presenting next week at the SASS conference in San Francisco.


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