Today was a massively social day from start to finish, which is unusual for me. It’s  always great to catch up with colleagues. The only work I got done was working on a bibliography on the tableau vivant phenomenon and doing a little preliminary reading. A significant part of the secondary literature is in German, so I’m trying to figure out how best to deal with that. I supposedly have some reading knowledge, but it’s incredibly rusty–much, much worse than my French, which is pretty serviceable.

Tomorrow I have errands to run out where I live, so I’m going to make it a reading day here at home. I’m thinking that on Wednesday I should probably plan for a day at the National Library looking for documentation on the two tableaux that I want to write about.

I always really hate the beginning phase of a project like this, when I’m just flailing around trying to figure out what on earth it’s going to be about. It’s always just a little bit scary–what if I can’t come up with anything?


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