While I obviously can’t write in detail about the trial lecture and interview, they went pretty well yesterday, and I’m relieved to have them over with. While I was preparing over the past week, it seemed like every day I got emails following up on other projects. So as not to lose track, I think I should make myself a list:

  • acknowledgment of receipt of the Næss/Dahl article and request that I supply them with a short abstract (derp, I should have known to do that!)
  • request that I draft a few sentences about my article for the description in the introduction to the volume (hmm, first time I’ve been asked to do this.)
  • editor’s comments on the Når nettene blir lange article (though oddly not the peer reviews; I wrote back asking for those, but haven’t received them yet)
  • request that I reformat my book review (derp again, I knew they’d changed their stylesheet, but forgot to apply it!)
  • query about two small details in the Amtmandens Døttre article (an easy fix)

Since it’s usually me grousing about how I never hear back on anything, I’m actually really stoked to have all these easy “para-writing” activities to take care of. They’re a definite indication of movement and progress. I’ll try to knock it all off today and tomorrow, clean up the disaster zone of my office desk, and get myself psyched up for getting back to work on the multimodal book on Monday.


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