Lecture prep

Things are kind of frantic, so I forgot to post yesterday that in among the job talk preparations I did finally submit the Næss/Dahl article by email. I gave it a thorough edit, and ended up cutting two entire (shortish) sections–the one on the biopic (which didn’t really add anything useful to the discussion of theories of biographical fiction and drama) and the one on the graphic design of the Dahl book. The article still clocks in at over 8000 words (including notes, translations, and bibliography) so I figured it was a good idea to kill some darlings and tighten it up. And in the end, I did go with Journal of Scandinavian Studies as my first choice of where to submit. I think maybe the works considered are just too obscure to make the article interesting to a more general literary journal.

The rest of my time is being spent prepping for the interview and job talk. Some things fell into place yesterday, but it’s very slow going. The assigned topic for the lecture is to give an intro lecture to a course for the program.  The problem I’m having is that I think I started backwards earlier this week, without thinking hard enough about learning outcomes. So I’m spending time today trying to nail down what specific skills I would want my hypothetical students to have at the end, and reworking what I have from that perspective.

I found out yesterday that one of the four ranked candidates won’t be coming, so that just leaves three of us. This coming week is Easter break, so I’ll be sneaking in preparation in among other stuff. I really can’t wait to get this over with!


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