Up for air

Sorry for the really long radio silence. There are all sorts of things going on here that I can’t really write about, and a bunch of my time (well, okay, nearly ALL of my time) as of last Friday is dedicated to preparing for a job interview (yay!).

But there has been some forward movement on other projects in the background–the Amtmandens Døttre article was accepted, much to my great delight, and I am finished responding to the two sets of reviewer comments. Two of my book reviews have also been accepted and finalized. I got word that the book that contains my Byatt article should be in the mail soon, and I was told that the book I’m writing the “quirky feel-good” article for now has a publisher. And, even more excitingly, I have just one tiny reference to look up tomorrow before I can send the Næss/Dahl article off to a journal for consideration! I’m really excited. I had to wait forever to get my hands on a copy of the Ursula Canton book on Biographical Theatre, but I now have it and was able to finalize the theory section. I was thinking that I was going to send the article to Journal of Modern Literature, but I’m having second thoughts since it’s so narrowly focused on Norwegian Ibsen reception. My feeling today upon re-reading the article is that I should send it to European Journal of Scandinavian Studies instead.


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