Words on the page

For whatever reason, it was suddenly and inexplicably possible to start writing the multimodal book today. I started out by going over my notes from yesterday, and decided that I needed to come up with a more exact chapter outline than what I had in the original grant proposal. I used the feedback from my colleague to reconfigure the chapters. I rearranged the order of the new chapters to better reflect the development of “competence goals” from grade to grade in the teaching framework that I’m basing the book on. So the first chapter contents relate to the tenth-grade goals, the second chapter to the first year of high school, and so on. That all came together pretty painlessly, and I had some time before a meeting, so I decided to just take a stab at drafting some introductory material. Much to my surprise, that too started to come together, and by the end of the day I had three pages of not absolutely dreadful prose. It’s weird writing in Norwegian—as always it’s much more of a struggle than in English to find my voice, though I am surprised at how at ease I am in the actual vocabulary. I’ve built up a pretty hefty passive vocabulary over the decades, so it’s fun to see what I have active access to in my brain.

I also got in touch with the librarian about accessing dvds for the film and television chapter. It will be fun to start examining that material, but for now I’m actually kind of excited about diving into the writing. I’ll be working from home tomorrow because of an appointment, so I’m hoping I can flesh out the rest of the introductory chapter, which is slated to have sections on adaptation, intertextuality, multimodality, parody, and performance.

Words written: 1120


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