I guess I ran out of things to procrastinate about today, because I finally was able to force myself to glance at the project description for the multimodal book. The project is a real departure for me, since it stems from the teaching framework for Norwegian in the schools here, rather than out of any particular research questions. I had a short but encouraging conversation with a colleague about it, reread the relevant sections of the teaching framework, and took a bunch of notes. I’m calling that a symbolic start to the project after days and days of faffing.

Over the weekend I got proofs and editor queries back on the Witoszek review, so I spent much of the day yesterday (and a little time today) tracking things  down and finalizing that. There’s still one more article I’d like to take a look at before I send back the final version. It’s on request at the national library, so with luck I’ll be able to take care of that in the next couple of days. Still waiting on the Canton book so that I can finish up Næss/Dahl and submit it…

And finally today,  in the interest of fans of lyrical poetry (not my usual literary bag) and accidental art, I give you… the Pentametron!


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