Out of reach

Huh. It was shockingly difficult to get my hands  on the resources I need for the Næss/Dahl article yesterday. I spent a bunch of time in the library yesterday trying to track things down, with very little luck. Even a book that was supposedly in the collection and not checked out was missing from the shelves (and as a former student librarian I totally know how to scan the adjacent shelves for misshelved books, thank you very much!). Thankfully, I was at least able to get a copy of an article by Ursula Canton (still waiting on her book…), which turned out to be super helpful. I plugged that stuff right in and did a bunch of cutting yesterday. This morning I read through a printout of what I had and did another round of editing, with even more cuts. It’s really starting to come together, and if it weren’t that there may be something really essential in the Canton book, I’d be tempted to submit it today. But I do think it’s worth waiting until the book comes in, just to be sure.

Words written: who knows? The tally for the last three drafts was 8502 before the weekend, 8666 at the end of the day on Monday, and 8653 today…


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