Today was a kind of random day. I started out at the National Library reading the Norwegian translation of Michael Meyer’s The Summer in Gossensass (I’ve got the English version on order). It had almost nothing to do with Ibsen’s corporeality, which is what I’m focusing on in the Næss/Dahl article, so I found it pretty uninteresting. Later in the day I found out that he has a collection of three plays about Ibsen and Strindberg, so perhaps at a later point in time I’ll try to look at them more closely and do a project on them.

I had a bunch of paperwork to take care of once I got to campus, and then at the last minute I found out there was a lunch talk by one of my colleagues, so I went to that; all this means I really didn’t get much writing done. All I managed was a paragraph or so in the theory section trying to say something about the physical representation of real people on stage and film. It was pretty lame, but luckily tomorrow I’ll have all day to work from home on the article, now that I have most of my busy work squared away for the time being.


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