Housekeeping follow up

Three months ago I posted a list of fifteen things I was waiting to hear back on. I thought it might be a good idea to re-post it with a status update:

  • a yes or no response from the publisher who is considering my Peer Gynt book (no clue when I’ll hear); still waiting to hear after sending a “friendly reminder” email in early January
  • the evaluation of the applicants for the Ibsen position (estimated to be done in mid January, though there’s no guarantee–and even when I do hear, it will still take months; they’ll hold interviews, make a decision, and that decision will go through at least three levels of administrative committees before a job offer is made to someone) the evaluation was finally distributed on 28 January; still waiting to hear when the interview will be
  • reviewer responses on the Fruen fra havet article (submitted in August, should probably hear by January) no response yet; I learned in January that it had been sent out for peer review
  • the appearance of my Byatt article (I’ve submitted final proofs, so this shouldn’t be too long; still no sign)
  • the appearance of my Bjørnson article (the editor told me December, but I haven’t seen any final proofs yet, so I’m doubtful; just got and submitted the final proofs last week, so at least there’s movement…)
  • the appearance of my article for the Imagining Spaces/Places proceedings volume (submitted in August, no response at all yet; got a publisher’s contract to sign in early February)
  • feedback on my Når nettene blir lange article (only submitted a few weeks ago, so no reason to expect to hear anything soon, but it would be nice; never got any feedback, but resubmitted a new version that follows their style guidelines as of 1 February)
  • a yes or no answer on my NFF grant proposal (the decision will be made in February, and the applicants are notified some unspecified time after that) I got a yes the first week of February, with 5 months of funding rather than the 9  I requested (but who’s counting…!)
  • any word at all on the “temporary seasonal dwelling” essay I wrote for the new Nordic literary history volume on place (submitted back in January 2010, I think)
  • the appearance of a book review that I wrote about a year ago in the world’s slowest journal (I’m supposed to do another book review for them, but I’m holding it hostage until I see the first one in print, on principle; still no sign)
  • some kind of response on the administrative position I applied for almost a month ago no, as of 29 November
  • information on what’s happening with the papers I sent to a conference proceedings volume in October; it’s being peer-reviewed
  • acknowledgement that my cabin book proposal has been received (sent only a week ago, so this is unreasonable to be stressing about, but the anxiety is cumulative, and apparently infectious…); still waiting to hear after sending a “friendly reminder” email in early January, decided to send the prospectus to a handful of other presses as well
  • a yes or no answer from my department on whether they’re going to let me teach a class this spring (I suspect no, though they’re holding off on telling me, which is irritating) no, as of 29 November
  • feedback from a colleague on a book proposal I sent him (admittedly this was only a few days ago. I need to chill out!) yes, as of 4 December (very helpful!)

In the meantime, I’ve added a few more items to the hopper, and I’m now also waiting to hear back on:

  • the Amtmandens Døttre article, which I submitted to a journal in January–their website has it “under review” now, so that’s a good sign
  • the Witoszek review, also submitted in January (to that same excruciatingly slow journal)
  • a yes or no on the abstract I submitted to the criticism conference
  • feedback on the cabin book manuscript from the publisher I just submitted it to last week (and by the way, the bibliography wasn’t nearly as bad as I made it out to be on Friday; it’s already all cleaned up and submitted to the publisher…phew!)

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