Potato Chip Confession

Much to my surprise and delight, I’ve now got an invitation to submit the full cabin book manuscript to a publisher. (Caveat: this only means that the acquisitions editor wants to look at it; there’s no commitment to send it out for peer review, and certainly nothing even close to a commitment from the press.) I’m really thrilled, and was planning on doing a quick round of proofreading today before sending it off. Of course I should have known that it would turn out to be a much bigger task than expected. I somehow missed  the fact that I had failed to translate all the quotations into English when I was prepping the manuscript to submit with my application materials to the position in Bergen. Gah! There were two whole chapters without translations. It is so much work to translate dozens of passages taken out of context. I made it through one chapter during the day, and am hopeful that I can get the second one finished up tomorrow so that I can submit the manuscript by the end of Friday.

I’m so bad at this kind of work. I find it really hard to keep focused and motivated; I personally think translation is really boring and frustrating (I have a number of good friends who are brilliant professional translators–I totally recognize it as an art form, but I also totally recognize that I hate doing it). Once I realized how much there was to do I did a Bad Thing. I went straight to the grocery store on campus and bought a box of Pringles. Then I closed the door of my office so no one would see me eating them and blew through the whole box while translating. Blerck. I really only do that kind of thing when I have a horrible stack of grading or a bunch of translating or something else that I find incredibly tedious, and I always  regret it afterward. And of course I had to choose the absolute grossest of all potato chips, Pringles. Can you even call them “potato” chips? What are they even made of?

Obviously this means Næss/Dahl is on hold for the time being. That’s actually a good thing because my meeting yesterday and the new sources it brought up made it clear that I have a bunch more work to do on it. Even if I had had all day today and tomorrow to work on it, I doubt I would have been able to wrap it up.

ETA: I forgot to add that I read another article about Shakespeare in Love on the way home from work today: Richard Burt’s “Shakespeare in Love and the End of the Shakespearean: Academic and Mass Culture Constructions of Literary Authorship.” That together with the one I read yesterday is starting to help clarify what’s different about the way Ibsen is represented.


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