Staging Ibsen

Finally I was able to get some real work done today. I got the last prospectus off (though not, as I had hoped, before breakfast). I finished and sent off my comments on my colleague’s article (which, much to my delight turned out to be about a little known text by one of my very favorite authors, Maurits C. Hansen). And I was able to make it all the way through the Næss/Dahl article with this round of edits. I finally got the photography section nailed down, and I added a new section on the visual presentation of the Dahl text, including an analysis of the painting of Ibsen that is on the back cover. It’s starting to come together, though there are still a bunch of small problem areas that need fixing. I do think a Friday submission is within the realm of possibility.

One of the things I really need to work out is how to deal with the representation of Ibsen’s body on stage in the performances of Henrik og Emilie. When I look at the stills from the performance, I can’t help but think of it in terms of impersonation. I think it must be virtually impossible to play a historical figure on stage–perhaps even harder than in film. I guess I need to turn to film studies to see what has been written about this, since I can’t seem to find anything from the perspective of theater studies…

And now I have to cut the work day short today to run some errands and get my eyes examined. I desperately need new glasses!

Words written: 749

Photo Credit:  Per-Åge Eriksen

Photo Credit: Per-Åge Eriksen


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