Wigged out, Part II

Today was one of those days where I tried to do a bunch of different things all at once, and didn’t really manage to follow through on any of them. Every once and a while I get all jacked up and think that Everything Has to Be Done Immediately Or Else! I know that I would have been much better served by just trying to do one of three things, but I simply couldn’t focus. So I did a little editing on the Næss/Dahl article, did a little work proofreading a colleague’s article, and spent a lot of time on … book proposals.

I’ve been fretting over the lack of response on my book proposal (the cabin book) from the editor of an American university press, so I decided to post a question about timing and editors and book proposals to an online academic forum I belong to. I got a super helpful response from a member who actually is an editor at a press. The result of the discussion is that it appears I have been being overly cautious about the caveat about not submitting to multiple presses. It turns out that, according to the consensus in that discussion at least, that rule applies to submitting the manuscript for peer review, not for just sending out the prospectus. So in the aftermath of that, I set a goal of sending the book prospectus out to three new presses today. Of course that’s easier said than done, since each press wants different formatting and different things in a prospectus, but I did manage to do it.

I’m hoping things (i.e. I) will calm down a bit tomorrow. I have an eye appointment in the late afternoon, so I’m going stay home and focus primarily on the Næss/Dahl article. The little revising I managed to get done seemed to be going in the right direction. I have a bunch of notes to work from, so if I can just focus I should be able to get a good deal done. I do have one more prospectus to put together, but my goal is to get that done before breakfast so that I can spend the rest of the day on the article.

In the meantime, though, I feel like I need a valium!

Words written: cutting and adding, with a net increase of a mere 177 words


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