Wigged out



Practically everything I attempted today petered out into nothing. I went looking for articles and ideas that I thought should be out there, and kept turning up empty handed. It was so frustrating! There appears to be no theory at all out there on theater performances of the lives of “real” or historical people. At one point I got all excited because I found what I thought was a scholarly article on a play about William Shakespeare–it turned out to be just a plot summary!

The only forward movement  I had on the Næss/Dahl article was that I got a great email  response back from Peter Larsen answering my inquiry about the photograph of Ibsen that Næss writes about (he gets it from the Meyer biography). It turns out this is a very problematic image that is impossible to document–very interesting! The email was chock full of useful information, and I’m super grateful.

The only other thing I did was just print out what I had on Næss/Dahl so that I can start proofreading and determining what needs fixing. I couldn’t even get through all of that. This was just one of those days with no real forward motion. Better luck next week.


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